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Plan, track, and manage your work activities and assets to cut downtime and costs. Faster. Better. For less.


AtlasOMS (Operations Management System) assists organizations with managing asset lifecycles, streamlining maintenance operations, maximize supply chain performance, enhance safety, and improve regulatory compliance. AtlasOMS is a cloud-based GIS focused Operations Management system that plans, tracks, and manages your work activities and assets to cut downtime and costs.

An AtlasOMS account is comprised of several systems including; request, work, assets and more. Each system focuses on the different components of a work and asset management system. Combined the AtlasOMS systems create a modern, performant and easy-to-use Operations Management system. Learn more below.


To learn more about AtlasOMS, contact us for a demonstration and access to a trial account. Once purchased an AtlasOMS account is provisioned for your organization.

Thinking Hats Technologies, LLC

Thinking Hats Technologies, LLC is a full software and service firm dedicated to helping utilities, local government and other organizations improve their operations through the use of modern technologies.

We have over two decades of experience delivering award winning GIS solutions. Our focus is Geographic Information Systems and we have a long history with platforms such as ESRI GIS. Our corporate offices are based in Greensboro, North Carolina but we have assisted utilities, local government and private business across the United States.

Thinking Hats Technologies was founded to deliver award winning GIS solutions to utilities, local government and private business. GIS is at our core and we look forward to partnering with you on your next project.